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Handpan are One of the super best musical instruments around the world. We can learn from basic to professional.

Ancient asian gong combine Carib steel pan stimulate around the world cultural art form, Sounds like Now in mother of earth and Universe 2021. Then at the moment, Handpan culture gonna go strongly those beautiful energy flow rise up, Kindly and calmly for bright future with world universal cosmo. Those way For example from Taichi, Yoga, Or Kobujyutsu such as traditinal martial arts, They each other have some relative between like synchronization, meditatively, Spiritually each other. Therefore, Handpan can create Silent and Motion. Offcourse emotion, Actually they have a lot of technique musically and beautiful frequency so we can learn together.

Hoshiyoga have three kind of course from beginner course for person who never touch and play, and, We having professional course like make sounds any kind of healing class, Meditation, or Yoga class flow with Handpan, Performance on stage which depends on situation, Possibility for Showcase on high quality space, We can learn one of the most high technique like Play Didgeridoo same times with Handpan, and, We can introduce how percussion experience and technique attend & Alive into Handpan, Like Conga, Djembe, Dolak, Darabukka for Playing Handpan. From Street to First class flexible for anywhere, Any time any situation can keep same mind for showcase and, Pray, playing like kindly, Purely, Strong heart and Soul, Peace Attitude, Respect for Handpan and all.


We gonna go to next level. Let's talk.


We gonna go to next level. let's talk.










ハンドパン道場TTC :6000ドル(グループレッスン)








Handpan Dojo TTC 200HR and, 60 Hr Course learning Percussion ensemble same times for Handpan.

For example, You know drum kit right, They have small drum, Medium drum, Big drum, Cymbal and, Hihat, Traditional drum emsemble are separately people playing each sounds then make good puzzle game for One heartful dance music or meditative sounds. In Fact They are not different type of form, Pretty same Cause of Dancer body have Shaker or tree's seeds material, Drum emsemble with those sounds. They making music all are people it gonna be awesome sounds & Good practice way of the music same time for handpan player. So we will learn like rhythm, Groove, Musical instruments, History included from Cuba latin ensemble, West African, and Japanese festival music where centre of Japan island area with International Japanese Yogi musician.

Small Percussion also we can practice like Guiro, Tambourine, Shaker, Cowbell, Wind Chime, etc You guys can combine for handpan or will be future sounds of Percussionist, One by one, Make sure and Let's do together. La Vida Es bella.




We will have Three type of way.....

1, Beginner course

2, Intermediate course

3, Professional course

Course fee : 2000$ for 30 HR, 6000$ TTC200 HR. ( Group Lesson )


Drop in Handpan Dojo Group Class 1 hour 4000 Yen.

Drop in Handpan Dojo Private Class 1 hour 8000 Yen.


Handpan rental One times 50$ ( Person who purchase 30HR or 200HR will be free. )


TTC 200HR course included on Percussion ensemble way like Conga, Bongo, Timbales Or Djembe Doundoun Sangban kenkeni Or Japanese festival music  like Ohdaiko, Shimedaiko, Kane, and Bamboo flute which you guys can choose course what you feel as well.

Handpan Dojo reservation, Gig offer, School Camp Program, etc So, Please have a look Hoshiyoga and Live Music We would know more from you guys  Today is the today Have a awesome day guys. Thank you for all.

Yusuke Hoshi Handpan Dojo lessons

Rishikesh International Yoga Festival 2020 Rishikesh Uttarakhand India 

Sonobe Handpan G Mixolydian 2021 Japan 

ハンドパン ワークショップ イタリア Sanmartino Italy Handpan Workshop 2015

Indonesian Handpan on Rishikesh International Yoga Festival 2020 Rishikesh Uttarakhand India

Zen Handpan Toronto Canada 2016

Spacedrum on Ontario palace Toronto Canada 2017

Young And Dundas Square Canada day festival Handpan 2016 Toronto Canada

 Spacedrum on Italy Sanmartino Blues Festival 2015 

Spacedrum Handpan on Himalayan Blues Festival 2015

Spacedrum handpan on Hyogp Japan 2014

Handpan on Canbodia angchol wat 2015

Spacederum on West Australia 2014

Spacedrum handpan on Thailand Ayuttaya 2014

Handpan on Himalaya india 2016

Indonesia Handpan on Tapovan Rishikesh India 2021

Handpan on Rishikesh International Yoga Festival 2021 

Zen handpan on Toronto Canada 2016

Handpan on Rishikesh International Yoga Festival 2020 India

Handpan on International Rishikesh Yoga Festival 2020

Drum on Rishikesh International Music Festival 2021

Mercedes Bentz Christmas Party 2017 Toronto Canada

Handpan & Didgeridoo FarmFest 2016 Oct 16 Ontario Canada.

Radio FM Tokyo Japan 2019

Handpan Dojo on Rishikesh Tapovan India 2020

Handpan Didgeridoo Showcase on Sheraton Hotel Toronto Canada 2018

Sonobe Handpan G Mixolydian 2021 Japan

Yusuke Hoshi played いろはにほへと on the Sonobe Handpan G Mixolydian。

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