We can make corporate event I can session not only musician. Entertainment situation, We can boost both brand together.

What we can do..

1. Didgeridoo and Drums Performance at your company or entertainment venue.

2. Depends on Length we have option.

3. Update event detail, Performance Movie.

4. We have potential of capacity for your event. Let's talk

5. Wedding Party, Private party situation. 

25 Nov 2017 Corporate Event Toronto Canada



Toronto Pearson Airport Festival Toronto Canada

Performed on Main Stage.  Depends on event we can do many option.

Best combination performance will be. 

Where : Sheraton Centre Hotel Toronto Canada
When : 2018 Feb 17

Lengh : 1:00:43
Instruments : Hemp Didgeridoo, Yidaki (Eucalyptus Didgeridoo)
Spacedrum, Acoustic Guitar and Percussion.