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Sports situation rise up awesome combination with Drums and Didgeridoo Dance Groovy Sounds.

It will be most amazing impact and will give joy energy between music and people.

Let's talk What you guys wanna do.

1. Live Didgeridoo and Drums Performance on your sports event venue.

2.Bring amp and electric set. Usuall Live set ~150 people. But, Let's talk We can arrange more more big situation.

3. Asian Relax exercise class 

After sports We need Massage full body and mind physical and mental. Hatha yoga, Thai massage section, (two person combo yoga),Russiedutton(Thai yoga).

Language are English and Japanese. 

4.Snow, Winter situation Performance.

21 Mar 2018 Hoshiyoga+Live Music at Mihata Sports Centre  
Sobudai Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa Prefecture Japan

4 Mar Indian Pleasure 春一番Fes. at Studio 開



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